Home Outcomes

NATURE-SDIplus will analyse the usability and accessibility of data. The results of this analysis will be used to develop a European metadata profile based on ISO 19115/119 standards and data model in CEN/TC 287 Geographic information.

The metadata profile will be for evaluation and use and will start from the INSPIRE metadata profile for discovery and will be compliant with the INSPIRE Directive, and data model. It will be done in coordination with CEN/TC 287 Geographic information.
Representative data-sets will be provided by the partners from many EU Member States.

NATURE-SDIplus will define a common multilingual and multicultural approach for a simpler, and standard, access to spatial data.

A demonstration infrastructure based on an architecture compliant with the INSPIRE principle and  supported by web services, will provide data accessibility for the different stakeholders and a dedicated geoportal (NATURE-SDIplus Geoportal) will be the main door to access the datasets and services available. This geoportal will then afford a means to actively engage the stakeholders.
Through networking activities a Nature-SDIplus Community will be established. This Community will address the relevant themes on a consensus building approach. This Community will also demonstrate the effectiveness of the Nature-GIS thematic SDIC that is already registered with INSPIRE. 

NATURE-SDIplus will, through training and dissemination, ensure that widespread awareness is achieved.