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About the project

NATURE-SDIplus aims at establishing a Best Practice Network dealing with a cluster of the data themes listed in the Annexes I and III of the INSPIRE Directive and focused on the nature conservation issues.

The establishment of Natura 2000 and the new transboundary EU approach for protected sites management has enforced the link between nature conservation and geo-information. This has generated the need for interoperable, accessible and harmonised datasets for the EU.  The link is also addressed by the INSPIRE Directive which pursues an EU Spatial Data Infrastructure to support environmental policies.

Nature-SDIplus Network aims, through state-of-the-art methodologies and best practice examples, to improve harmonisation of national datasets and make them more accessible and exploitable. Therefore, it contributes to the INSPIRE implementation with specific reference to a cluster of data themes on nature conservation (as per the INSPIRE Annexes):

  • Protected sites (Annex I);
  • Biogeographical regions, Habitats and biotopes, Species distribution (Annex III).

The main objective of the Nature-SDIplus Network is to: involve new stakeholders; share data and best practices; improve and stimulate exploitation and the re-use of information on nature conservation.