The main topics addressed by NatureSDIplus are being further developed in the context of the new initiative

eENVplus (eEnivironmental services for advanced applications within INSPIRE) is promoted by the GISIG Association in the CIP-ICT-PSP Programme.




Starting from the results of NatureSDIplus, the following features are being developed within an open eENVplus Infrastructure, allowing deployment and creation of new and innovative applications:

  • Harmonisation and validation services: A toolkit for data harmonization and validation, in line with the INSPIRE data specification.
  • Added-value specialised services: To compose the base overlay for building advanced environmental application in order to provide an operational shared environmental information infrastructure.
  • Thesaurus framework: Extending to new data themes the NATURE-SDIplus Thesaurus Frameworks and provision of services for accessing data in a multilingual context.
  • Training Framework: To support the transfer of knowledge and skills for the implementation of the EU policy related to GI.




The NatureSDIplus network is invited to participate in eENVplus and take benefit of this new initiative